Longing for Atlantis

If only I could part the sea
To let Atlantis rise

Not only would I kneel to pray
I would bow my head in grace
Before entering its majestic gates
To walk a long lost way

I would raise the flags and blow the horns
I would breathe its wells to life
I wouldn’t rest to sleep or dream
Til its magnetic field revives

I would greet the woman I once was
Yet leave her there to thrive
I would read the minds of every soul
To ask for their memoires

I would smell all seas
I would hear all waves
See the sunlight with new eyes
I would know the moons
I would read the stars
To surrender to its tides

If only I could part the sea
If only I could live to see
Atlantis in this life

The Poet & The Poem
© Mieke Jacobs

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